ResultsNOLA is the City’s scorecard for tracking progress towards citywide and strategic goals. Each year, the Mayor and Council create a budget that plans how public dollars will fund services to address community priorities. ResultsNOLA is used by the City leaders and the public to measure the outcomes of those services.

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2. Result Area:
Open, Effective & Innovative Government

Ensure sound fiscal management and transparency, promote effective, customer-driven services and foster active citizen engagement in City government

3. Result Area:
Children and Families

Promote the health and well-being of youth and families by ensuring that quality educational, economic, health and recreational programming opportunities are available for all

4. Result Area:
Sustainable and Resilient Communities

Support sustainable communities that integrate quality housing, transportation, schools, commercial development, energy efficiency, parks and green space, flood protection and cultural assets

5. Result Area:
Economic Development

Spur the growth of a diverse, inclusive economy that creates good-paying jobs and provides equal access to economic prosperity

ResultsNOLA Strategic Framework:

  1. City Mission, Values and Vision
  2. Result Areas
  3. Objectives
    (Measured by outcome indicators)
  4. Strategies
  5. Departmental measures

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