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Occupational Business Licenses

An Occupational or General Business license is required if you will be conducting business in Orleans Parish. This list shows businesses that have completed the licensing process and does not include businesses that have been issued a Temporary Occupational License. 

NOPD Misconduct Complaints

Represents represents complaints of misconduct originated by a citizen either directly to NOPD or through the IPM or by an employee of the Police Department.

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Grants

Dig into data about HUD Grants given to the City's Office of Community Development and distributed to local partners.

Bike Lanes

Take our active bike lanes data for a spin.  

Featured datasets

Calls for Service

Review and analyze incidents reported to the New Orleans Police Department this year. 

311 Calls (2012-Present)

This dataset represents calls to the City of New Orleans' 311 Call Center.

Electronic Police Report 2017

View police reports made this year.