Data Products

Analysis, visualizations, and apps built from City data.

Maps and visualizations

MAX reinvents the dated COMSTAT model for police analytics

Streets involved in drainage improvement, recovery roads, and other public works projects 

See live accident location and traffic information.

Explore use of force data by month and officer and subject demographics

Trash, recycling and bulky waste pickup schedules 

View assets supporting the cultural economy of New Orleans

Explore permitted short-term rentals in New Orleans

Review website satisfaction survey responses for

This visualizations shows the gender, race, age, and years of service breakdown in counts and percentages for all of NOPD. This can be filtered by Civilian or Commissioned; Bureau; Command; or Rank. This data can update nightly, but generally changes on a bi-weekly basis except for exceptional circumstances.


Find a property's status in the Code enforcement pipeline

Lookup status of individual 311 tickets or filter by call types and neighborhoods

Receive notification of land-use changes in your inbox

Easily find property information including ownership and zoning

Type an address to find property information and City services

Evaluate property conditions in New Orleans

Key Performance Indicators for each department that track progress toward City-wide goals

Browse NORA-owned property, check the status of those properties, and submit expressions of interest

Analysis & Reports

In December 2016 the City issued an Executive Order and CAO Data Policy No. 135 which mandates an annual report of the progress of the implementation of the policy and progress towards its goals

Analysis of median response times by District, Priority and Call Type

Summary and analysis of stop and search data by race/ethnicty, gender and age

Analytics-informed free smoke alarm outreach initiative

Resources created to ensure abatement recommendations are transparent, rigorous, consistent, and criteria-based