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Net Promoter Score

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This measure:Net Promoter Score
On track
96.3 score
Year to date goal:
At least 75 score

Why is this measure important?

The Net Promoter Score is a widely-used customer service metric that is proven as a simple, easily-collectable, easy-to-analyze and distribute management tool with a quick turnaround from collection to operational actions. The NPS gives a quick understanding of how well customers believe officers are doing and how to adjust operations.

Definitions of key terms

Customers are categorized based on their answer to the ultimate question: "How likely is it that you would recommend us to a friend or colleague?" Promoters answer with a score of 9 or 10, passives answer with a score of 7 or 8, and detractors answer with a score of 6 or below.

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Totals for 2018

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
100 score 93 score

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