ResultsNOLA is the City’s scorecard for tracking progress towards citywide and strategic goals. Each year, the Mayor and Council create a budget that plans how public dollars will fund services to address community priorities. ResultsNOLA is used by the City leaders and the public to measure the outcomes of those services.

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Percent of internal customers satisfied with the overall quality of service received

Result area:2Result Area:
Open, Effective & Innovative Government
Objective:2-1Effectively manage the City’s resources
Strategy:2-1-1Govern with integrity and accountability
This measure:Percent of internal customers satisfied with the overall quality of service received
Year to date goal:
At least 74 percent

Progress toward 2017 target

Goal: At least 80 percent

Progress toward 2016 target

Goal: At least 74 percent

Note:  A survey of internal customers was conducted in January 2017. However, there were less than 20 responses to the questions about this department, so the data is being omitted.

Progress toward 2015 target

Goal: At least 74 percent

Note:  65 of 78 surveyed internal customers satisfied with overall quality of service in 2015.

Progress toward 2014 target

Goal: Establishing Baseline

Note:  57 of 77 customers were satisfied or very satisfied. The survey was sent to 4,743 City employees with active e-mail accounts. The survey response rate was 4.45% (211 of 4,743). The data was not weighted to reflect the demographic composition of City employees. Because the sample is based on those who self-selected for participation in the survey rather than a probability sample, no estimates of sampling error can be calculated. All sample surveys may be subject to multiple sources of error, including, but not limited to sampling error, coverage error, and measurement error.

Historical trend

Totals for 2016

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