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October 11, 2016

NOPD Adds Police Report Data to Already Extensive Online Open Data Portal

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Raw data from all police reports filed by NOPD officers from 2010 to present is now available on the City's open data web portal. The data includes the item number, location, disposition, signal, charges, offender race, offender gender, offender age, victim age, victim gender, and victim race. The information is updated in real-time when subsequent information is determined as a result of an investigation. 

In addition, the NOPD has updated the calls for service data to update on a nightly basis. Previously, the updates were on a 48-hour delay. 

The additional layer of transparency comes as the department is providing more police data than ever before to the public. This summer, the NOPD rolled out a significant amount of police data to the public including, calls for service data, stop and search data, metadata for body worn cameras and in-car cameras and public reports on major aspects of the consent decree. Following that, the NOPD published use of force data online for the first time ever. The release makes the NOPD one of the only departments in the nation to publish this type of data and allows the community to monitor and hold the department accountable for how it handles uses of force investigations.

And just last week, the department launched, a new 24/7 online source for news and information from and about the police department. It is also the host for the NOPD’s new, interactive open data portal called MAX, links to open policing data and analysis, and Uniform Crime Reports.