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There’s a lot of Police Data Available Online, and the NOPD Wants You To Know About it

November 30, 2016

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The NOPD has published more police data online in the past six months than the department has ever made publicly available in its 220-year history. What type of data and how the department is using it to make critical decisions on training and deployment was the topic of a public hearing in federal court on Thursday (Nov. 17).

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NOPD Adds Police Report Data to Already Extensive Online Open Data Portal

October 11, 2016

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Raw data from all police reports filed by NOPD officers from 2010 to present is now available on the City's open data web portal. The data includes the item number, location, disposition, signal, charges, offender race, offender gender, offender age, victim age, victim gender, and victim race. The information is updated in real-time when subsequent information is determined as a result of an investigation.

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