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First annual Data Report released

December 21, 2017

by Whitney L. Soenksen, Open Data Manager
Filed under: annual report, open data

In December 2016, the City of New Orleans approved its first ever Data Policy, laying out the goals and ideals that the City aims to achieve with regard to cataloging and opening City data. The policy also requires that we track our accomplishments and challenges, and publish our progress publicly in a report to the Chief Administrative Officer. We are excited to release this first annual report!

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Be the first to know about NEW DATA!

March 21, 2017

by Whitney L. Soenksen, Open Data Manager
Filed under: notification, open data, transparency

Have you ever used data from Do you keep up with our data releases like it’s your job? Have you ever suggested that we release a set of City data? Do you care deeply about transparency in City government?

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NOPD Adds Police Report Data to Already Extensive Online Open Data Portal

October 11, 2016

Filed under: data, NOPD, open data, police

Raw data from all police reports filed by NOPD officers from 2010 to present is now available on the City's open data web portal. The data includes the item number, location, disposition, signal, charges, offender race, offender gender, offender age, victim age, victim gender, and victim race. The information is updated in real-time when subsequent information is determined as a result of an investigation.

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