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Representing New Orleans at the world's largest event dedicated to GIS technology

August 18, 2016

by Greg P. Hymel, GIS Director
Filed under: ESRI, GIS, web development

Earlier this Summer, New Orleans' GIS Team presented at the 2016 ESRI International GIS User Conference plenary session to demonstrate how we are changing engagment with the public and how the City lives with water. It was a tremendous honor to be selected by ESRI to present our work, and an honor to represent New Orleans. The following is a brief overview of some of the work we've been doing.

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Data Analytics: Shaken, not Stirred

August 15, 2016

by Oliver Wise, Alex Williamson and Richard Todd, Office of Performance and Accountability
Filed under: analytics, NOLAlytics

We New Orleanians know how to make a good cocktail. One of the great mixology lessons we’ve learned is that nearly every classic drink -- the sazerac, the daiquiri, the French 75 -- share the same basic recipe: start with booze and add something a little sweet and something a little sour or bitter. With this handy, rule-of-thumb recipe, you can make countless delicious drinks.

When we’re not perfecting our Ramos gin fizz, we’re focused on applying data analytics to solve problems facing city departments and the residents they serve. 

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Opening Our Public Records Requests

August 8, 2016

by Whitney L. Soenksen, Project Specialist
Filed under: NextRequest, public records, records, request

In late June, the City went live with a new online service aimed at making the process of public records requests easier and more transparent – it's called NextRequest. This new tool allows individuals to request, track and access the status of their public records requests online.

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